Shared Purpose

by Nik Miller - 10 April 2020


Dear friends,

On the 1st April 2020, in the midst of coronavirus, More Partnership became an employee-owned company. We took this adventurous step because community and values matter; and because if ever there was a time to build strong and supportive communities, it is now.

This global pandemic is affecting everyone in significant, swift and unexpected ways. Circumstances and perspectives vary – but the common experience of risk and isolation is worrying for us all, and for those we love. So much about this situation is beyond prediction and control.

Flashes of joy
However, there are flashes of brightness among the grief and uncertainty. In recent weeks, we have been inspired more than ever by the people and organisations we work with. It’s a source of pride to see our friends in hospital charities supporting front-line staff, institutions advancing medical discovery, and allies in arts and culture who provoke reflections, clarity of thinking, and make us smile – a valuable antidote to turbulent times.

Societies that are divided along political and socio-economic lines are finding quickly that kindness and common purpose are uniting. Philanthropy is a powerful expression of this coming together.

This is a time to celebrate organisations that advance great ambitions for our world – they’re doing this now and will continue to do so for decades to come.

A global response
Global philanthropists are responding, emergency funds are springing up, and many foundations are redoubling their commitments. Many citizens have been moved to give. It’s encouraging too that the UK government has now committed £750m to the charity sector.

As communities around the world unite around shared purpose, at More we’re doing just the same. Because we are a virtual firm working across five continents, we already have many years’ experience of operating remotely and can continue to support our clients as usual. So, while we are mindful about individual wellbeing, and thoughtful about colleagues’ caring responsibilities, we are focused ever more sharply on advancing your purpose.

Sharing experiences and actions
In the volatile coming weeks, we are dedicating time to explore a range of specific issues affecting the sectors in which we work – education and health, culture and charities – and the positive, practical actions we can take between us.

We’d really value your engagement and contributions and will let you know how you can join the conversation with our friends and colleagues around the world. Let us know if you have thoughts and suggestions for us. We look forward to seeing and hearing you, and to many more years of advancing our shared ambitions.

With very best wishes,

Nik, on behalf of everyone at More Partnership.