New toolkit launched to maximise state schools’ success in fundraising

21 September 2021


We are proud to partner with The Institute for Development Professionals in Education (IDPE) and the Wolfson Foundation to launch an online toolkit to support state schools starting out in fundraising.

The State School Fundraising Toolkit has been designed to equip schools with the tools and knowledge they might need to build their fundraising capacity. It focuses on the role of school leaders in fundraising, and includes advice on outstanding practice, as well as step-by-step guidance on how to set up effective, long-term fundraising programmes in schools.

Fundraising requires resilience and patience, it takes time to develop relationships with those who can give, but every school can be successful. With the right approach and resources in place, fundraising can transform the opportunities a school offers its young people.
Simon Pennington
Partner, More Partnership

The toolkit is freely available online for school leaders to refer to as they progress along their fundraising journey, and will continue to be updated to provide access to the very latest guidance on the different components necessary to develop successful fundraising.

We know from experience that schools can make compelling proposals for support to major funders, but sometimes then get stuck as to where to look next. We hope the toolkit will support schools starting out in fundraising to maximise their success, and, in turn, enhance educational opportunities.
Paul Ramsbottom OBE
Chief Executive, Wolfson Foundation

The toolkit includes examples, case studies and templates from a range of state school settings up and down the UK. These schools have been able to enhance their core missions through successful fundraising, and they have freely provided their learning in order that other schools can benefit from their experiences.

We are extremely grateful to the Wolfson Foundation, More Partnership, and the many schools who have contributed to this free toolkit. Now more than ever, we want to support school leaders to close the gap in educational attainment, and fundraising can support schools to provide the best educational experience for young people. We hope this new toolkit will support school leaders from across the state sector to develop successful fundraising programmes and achieve equal access to funding.
Louise Bennett
CEO, Institute of Development Professionals in Education (IDPE)

Click here to access the State School Fundraising Toolkit.

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