Marah Winn-Moon

Associate Partner

+44 (0)7500 334 363

For much of my career I’ve been on ‘the other side’ – working for big companies and managing their cultural sponsorship. Being the only artsy person in a bank was challenging, but I’ve always loved bringing unlikely partnerships together. When you dig down and find that two very different organisations share the same core values, the magic kicks off!

That moment when you see people on opposite sides of the table sit up and think ‘this might be interesting’ is special. It can be the start of doing amazing things together. I feel so privileged to have seen commercial organisations benefit directly from their connections with cultural partners.

One of my proudest achievements was rolling out a project on Chinese culture that helped people to be more effective in their jobs in financial services. But it also benefited the non-profits we partnered with – and not just financially.

Now that I’m a consultant, my role is still to find those hidden connections between one organisation and another. But now I have the opportunity to work with many more institutions and companies than I ever dreamed of. 

Some I've worked with recently

  • Natural History Museum
  • WaterAid

Years of fundraising experience: 25


  • Corporate sponsorship, philanthropy and partnership
  • Arts and cultural organisations
  • Finding those elusive connections between the cultural and corporate worlds
  • Communications – internal and external
  • Strategy development
  • Writing

Before More

  • Independent sponsorship and communications consultant
  • Global Head of Cultural Sponsorship, HSBC
  • Fundraiser, National Portrait Gallery
  • Sponsorship and Community Affairs Manager, J Sainsbury Plc
  • Press and PR Manager, Arts and Business
  • Degree in English and Drama, University of London

Outside More

  • I’m a Londoner who moved to Sussex a few years ago and loves it – but relishes frequent trips back to the ‘big smoke’ for work and play.
  • I spend a great deal of time ferrying teenagers around…
  • When I’m not doing that, I’m usually to be found cooking, or outdoors, enjoying wildlife or mooching around auction houses.
  • We love travelling so fit in as much as we can.
  • I also collect shells, although I’m not sure what that says about me…