Christ's Hospital

Christ’s Hospital

A full audit of fundraising operations and mentoring the new development director for Christ’s Hospital – “a school like no other”


Christ’s Hospital School has over 450 years of fundraising experience. Founded to provide a first-class education for needy children, its unique charitable arm still covers 70% of running costs.


Christ’s Hospital had been fundraising at a good level (about £1.8 million a year) thanks to the passion and loyalty of its former students. More Partnership was asked to do a full audit of fundraising operations and then to mentor a new development director through her first six months.

Project dates
2010 to 2012

Lesley Humphreys, former Director of Development, says:
“I was lucky to have mentoring as part of my package. Although More Partnership had done the initial audit that recommended the reinstatement of the full-time development director role, I was free to choose anyone I wanted. In the end Rebecca came recommended by people whose judgement I trusted.

“We tended to spend half a day together every two weeks. She always made herself available to pass on her energy, enthusiasm and experience, which has been invaluable. I came from a marketing and development background but had only worked in one school. So it was amazing to be able to tap into the vast breadth and depth of experience in More Partnership.

“Trying to improve on our fundraising, especially in a time of institutional change, could have been daunting. But Rebecca gets to grips with complexity so quickly. I love the way her mind works! As part of the mentorship arrangement, she also served on a working party to restructure one of our major fundraising pillars, whereby donors can become governors to specific pupils.

“After the initial six months, I was delighted to be able to renew the mentorship agreement. I think that says it all, really.”