Liverpool Everyman

Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse

Ongoing support for Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse’s “Everyone for Everyman” £27.1 million appeal to replace an iconic old theatre building and nurture new talent.


Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse are two great theatres in one great city, run as a single organisation.


This much-loved theatre company was well into the “quiet phase” of a campaign to rebuild the Everyman when it decided to seek support for developing its fundraising strategy and especially significant gifts from individuals.

Project dates
2011 to 2014 (and ongoing)

Former Executive Director, Deborah Aydon explains how the project played out...

“After the tender process, it was clear that More Partnership was the right fit for our major campaign strategy project. But then, just after Rachel and James had started work, came the twist. Rachel announced, ‘You don’t need us for this! You really are well on the way.’ It was the first time I’d ever heard a consultant say such a thing, and it only made me keener to work with them. We decided together that they would supply ad hoc support – whenever we needed it.

“Rachel and James have acted as an extra pair of eyes when we couldn’t see the wood for the trees ourselves. They’ve brought their expertise from other arts companies and other sectors. By working alongside us, they’ve enabled us to learn by doing.

“One year after deciding we needed support,we were 62% of the way to our target.”

What happened next
The sparkling new Everyman opened successfully in 2014 to great acclaim from audiences and critics, and won the 2014 RIBA Stirling Prize for architecture.  More Partnership continues to advise Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse on their post-campaign fundraising and in planning for their next big fundraising effort.