RCA ©Royal College of Art, photograph by Philip Vile

Royal College of Art

Supporting this national powerhouse
of creativity with a range of strategic
fundraising expertise


Barbara Hepworth, Henry Moore, David Hockney, Tracey Emin, James Dyson, Thomas Heatherwick… a small selection of alumni tells you everything you need to know about this illustrious postgraduate institution. Unsurprisingly, it’s the world’s top-ranked university for art and design.


Stepping in to support senior management in leading Development – alongside a feasibility study for a potential campaign, centred on extending the RCA campus in Battersea.

Project dates
2016 to the present

Paul Thompson, Rector says:
“We’re embarking on the most ambitious expansion in the RCA’s history, backed with an unprecedented financial commitment from the Government. We really needed to know whether we had potential donors out there who would be as excited as we are about our new vision.

“The feasibility study gave confidence to the senior leadership, trustees and development team that this was achievable, and pointed to the priorities we needed to focus on to maximise our chances. It was also incredibly useful to have Simon Pennington able to step in alongside the feasibility interviews to a leadership gap in the development team.”