Understand your opportunity

If you wonder how you’re performing or whether your resources and systems are fit for purpose. If your return on investment is under pressure. If you’d like to launch a campaign but are not sure what a realistic target could be or whether the time is right...

We can evaluate where you are so you understand where you can go.

Before you can decide where to go tomorrow, you need a good understanding of where you stand today. Through our data and insights capacity, our extensive knowledge of the sector and our interview-based approach, we provide clients with impartial assessments of their performance and potential. We can review whole operations or focus on one aspect, such as a campaign, regular giving or an American Friends group. Every time, our reviews capture key learning and inform future strategy.

All the lessons you can learn from the way you ran your campaign, and its results.

A campaign review is an objective, data-driven assessment of the effectiveness and efficiency of your campaign. It involves quantitative (data) and qualitative (stakeholder interviews) analysis. It draws on our international experience of campaign transitions to make recommendations that enable you to build on previous experience for increased future success.

Insights into how to focus and organise your team so you can be as effective as possible, together.

The fundraising function review provides a thorough understanding of your activity and achievements, and of what needs to change to improve performance. It is an essential planning tool. Our approach is to work in partnership with the Director/Senior Management team to provide that extra boost to manage change without detracting from the core work of the department.

Find out how we helped: Barts Charity

Clarity on where to prioritise resource and activity so you can grow income and donors.

This is a quantitative and qualitative review that gives you a clear understanding of what is and isn’t working in your regular giving programme, as well as the opportunities for and challenges to growth. We will work with your organisation to define the purpose and objectives of your regular giving programme and how it can support broader fundraising and engagement objectives. We’ll provide clear recommendations for areas of future focus, and work with you to develop a strategy and action plan to increase long-term giving.

Find out how we helped: University of Leeds

An understanding of the efficiency of your major gift processes, and recommendations to increase performance.

It doesn’t matter if a prospect has the capacity and inclination to give, if internal processes mean that they will never be engaged or asked for a gift. We look under the bonnet of your major gift process to ensure that everything is running effectively. Spanning prospect identification, assignment, initial contact and ask development, we work with fundraisers to review the internal data and processes that drive major gift fundraising.

A stronger pipeline of potential donors, identifying brand-new prospects and prioritising your existing pool.

Maybe your fundraising programme is new and you need guidance on how to populate a prospect list. Or perhaps you feel you have exhausted traditional routes and need a fresh look at supporters, members or alumni. Whatever your situation, we will tailor our prospect identification support to your needs. The result? A fresh list of new prospects with the potential to support you as well as additional insight into their profiles.

Changes that will make your Friends group more compliant or more efficient.

It’s never easy to make a fundraising operation work an ocean away from your organisation. Through a detailed examination of key structures and practices, our expert UK-based US lawyer can gauge the fitness for purpose of your American Friends 501(c)(3) group and sets out a clear path towards greater effectiveness and compliance. The audit project is a joint endeavour. It requires detailed input from you, to assure a valid evaluation by us.

Find out how we helped: University of Pretoria

“One of the things that stood out when working with More Partnership was the thoroughness of the research and fact-finding that they put into reviewing our communications. This meant that the analysis was accurate and insightful and allowed us to gain a clear understanding of what our communication gaps were, where we could achieve the quickest wins and how we should go about it.”

Mark McDonnell
Associate Director, University College Dublin Foundation

Gaining insight into how your institution performs and operates compared to its peers is an invaluable strategic tool, informing on areas of capability and highlighting where opportunities or threats may lie. Powered by our award winning, annual Regular Giving Insight and Benchmarking project, our extensive client portfolio and our expert insight team, we offer fully bespoke benchmarking with comparable organisations or sector-wide surveys.

A deep dive into your lower and mid-level giving programmes, how they compare to that of your peers, and the opportunities for increased performance.

This is our comprehensive and award-winning annual analysis of lower and mid-level giving, available for an individual Higher Education institution, or on a collaborative basis as a benchmarking exercise. Since its inception in 2009, more than 50 universities in the UK, Ireland and Australia have taken part and gained robust insight into the health, success and potential of their regular giving programmes.

Find out more about the project, and how to sign up, here.

Macro-level lessons from data on sector-wide fundraising performance.

Higher Education institutions can access comparative performance data but often they don’t have time or resource to analyse it. Using our experience and analytical skills we produce easy-to-understand benchmarks of performance which enable clients to understand their own programmes better, and to see where there is room for growth.

“More Partnership provide us with a level of data analysis that we just don’t have the resources to produce in-house. The annual benchmarking project is invaluable in driving the direction of our programme, and the insights we've gained from it have helped us to increase both income and donor numbers.”

Jemma Gurr
Regular Giving Manager, University of Sheffield

Before launching an ambitious campaign, you want to ensure you are internally and externally ready and that your target is both aspirational and realistic.

At More Partnership, we have conducted feasibility studies for close to 200 institutions, interviewing in the process more than 4,000 major donors and influencers.

Depending on your organisation’s size and scale of ambition, we undertake different types of studies, whether a full feasibility study, a sounding exercise or a campaign readiness assessment. In each case, a thorough performance and infrastructure analysis, and structured donor interviews to test a narrative, lead to evidenced-based recommendations. As a result, you will understand whether a campaign is right for you, the steps you need to take to maximise the likelihood of success, and what you can realistically achieve.

“I have engaged More Partnership to conduct feasibility studies on three occasions. I found More Partnership’s advice exemplary. It was clear about prospects and issues and how to manage them. If I questioned its underlying bases, they could justify them. In each case More Partnership’s feasibility reports effectively defined the key parameters around which those highly successful campaigns were constructed. And they were – and remained – involved, committed, and collegial partners who were good to work with in every way.”

Professor Nick Rawlins
Master, Morningside College, Chinese University of Hong Kong
former PVC Development and External Relations, University of Oxford