Be effective right away

If your organisation needs extra capacity or ongoing advice to keep your programme going. If you’re not sure how to seize the digital opportunity or face external challenges…

We can work alongside you so you are effective right away.

We know from our own experience that being a fundraising leader or a one-person team can be lonely. But you don’t need to do this on your own.

We are here for you, whether you need a sounding board, a critical friend or expert advice on a specific challenge. We’ll also provide an extra pair of eyes or give you a heads up if something hits our radar that we think really needs your attention.

Experts at hands for continuous performance at the highest level.

Through regular review meetings and a coaching and mentoring approach, we provide personal support to the Director of Development, Head of Institution and other key players. Acting as critical friends, bringing constructive challenge but also reassurance, confidence and clarity, we ultimately help leaders realise their greatest possible impact.

This responsive, expert counsel usually covers:

  • building and managing the potential donor pipeline;

  • overall planning and strategy including timings and goals;

  • managing phases of work;

  • planning to move forward with the most significant potential donors and volunteers; and

  • team structure, focus and performance.

In addition, we deliver expert advice in two specific areas of fundraising: US legal advice so your organisation can access best practice tax-effective fundraising in the US, and GDPR and wider regulatory advice, ensuring that you can fundraise with confidence that you are fully compliant.

“More Partnership’s deep expertise, perceptive analysis, direct approach and steady guidance have been crucially important in giving confidence to Trinity’s senior leadership and its development team as we embark on this whole new phase of fundraising.”

Kate Bond
Director of Advancement, Trinity College Dublin

If you need some additional fundraising capacity or specialist knowledge to help you take advantage of new opportunities right away and find solutions to challenges, we will roll up our sleeves and get stuck in.

We can provide hands-on support to organisations running a campaign, help you raise funds in the US, develop a prospect pipeline or unlock big corporate gifts. When vital people are absent, we can provide effective interim leadership so you can keep the show on the road.

Guidance and troubleshooting to help you overcome campaign hurdles and reach your milestones.

A campaign is the distillation of an organisation’s ambition into a timeframe, target and series of fundable objectives. It can involve making a quantum leap or change of gear in fundraising. It is often a long and rocky journey. At More, we walk with you, meeting the team regularly to keep you on track and focused on the most important factors for success. We’ll support you to hit your key income objectives, recruit new donors, inspire your leadership, and build a successful and motivated philanthropy team.

Tools, contacts and advice to be effective right away at securing corporate gifts.

Corporate partnerships are increasingly critical to advancing the great ambitions of universities, charities and arts organisations around the world. We offer expertise, support, advice and contacts to grow your network of strategic corporate relationships, and we collaborate with you to establish the processes, approaches and materials needed to sustain this in the future.

Additional resource, skills and experience to keep the momentum going despite staff absence or reduction.

We also provide short-term management resources and skills. Activities vary from one organisation to another depending on your situation and ambitions during the interim period. We can bridge staffing gaps, help strengthen teams and inject specific skills and experience when needed at short notice. We can also provide support through periods of change when time constraints are critical.

Clarity and momentum to engage and ask US donors.

If you are contemplating investing in a North American fundraising programme, or if you already do but are not getting the results you hoped for, we can help. From our base in the US we can review your existing programme, work with you on a proof of concept for fundraising in the US or provide interim management. As a result, you’ll gain momentum and clarity about what’s possible; be able to better engage your communities in the US; and improve your fundraising performance.

A stronger pipeline of potential donors, identifying brand-new prospects and prioritising your existing pool.

Maybe your fundraising programme is new and you need guidance on how to populate a prospect list. Or perhaps you feel you have exhausted traditional routes and need a fresh look at supporters, members or alumni. Whatever your situation, we will tailor our prospect identification support to your needs. The result? A fresh list of new prospects with the potential to support you as well as additional insight into their profiles.

“The last thing you want with a consultant is saying: ‘Here’s my remit. No, I can’t shift’. With More it was basically, ‘How can I help?’. You really want that flexibility. Also, you really want someone not just to tell you what to do… but to actually stay and do it… The actual staying and doing it with you is the most essential thing.”

Richard Gould
Former Chief Executive, Villiers Park Educational Trust