More in Manchester
CEAC 2015

1 September 2015


More Partnership is delighted to be back in Manchester, supporting the biggest ever CASE Europe Annual Conference!

A warm welcome awaits you from Adrian, Joanna, James and Rebecca at our exhibition stand (42), while Joanna and Adrian will continue our CEAC myth-busting tradition on Wednesday at 12 noon:

More Myth-busting: Unmasking the Half-Truths and Urban Legends Getting in Your Way

Tuition fees are having no impact on giving. Big gifts follow from small gifts. Direct mail is less effective than the telephone. Using evidence from the richest data set of regular giving in the UK and the results of thousands of donor interviews, More Partnership tests the reality of a pack of mythical beasts. We'll slay some dragons, equipping you to ward off distractions and focus on your real challenges.

And to help you navigate the wealth of sessions, here are a few others that we think will set off some light-bulb moments:

Wednesday Breakfast

Who Wants to Find a Billionaire Over Breakfast?

Led by More Associate Graeme Byrne, Director of Development, University of East Anglia

Wednesday, 9am

Alumni Relations 101 (Part One):The Eight Enablers - Why Things Go Wrong With Alumni Relations Programmes, and How to Get it Right

Led by our colleague and Director of The Bridge Group, Nik Miller

Wednesday, 4pm

Cecil the Lion - A Development Office's Response to a Global, Viral Fundraising Drive

Join Christine Jeffery and members of the Development Office team at the University of Oxford as they share their experience of raising £600,000 in ten days from more than 12,000 donors across the world.

Thursday, 1.45pm

Find the Best, Keep the Best, Be the Best: Tales of Talent Management

Featuring Robert Wayman, this year’s Iain More Award winner and Development Manager at Southampton University, drawing on many of the themes of An Emerging Profession: The Higher Education Philanthropy Workforce

So there's plenty to whet everyone's appetite - and remember to keep an eye on our website and Twitter feed for new developments and topical blogs!